Our Mission


Our Mission is to create a user-friendly website that is appropriate for a 3-year-old child or their hundred-year-old great grand parent. Our Mission is also to help thousands of small business owners grow their business, locally and nationally. We accomplish this for pennies a day. No matter how small a business may be, this should be an affordable investment.

As each business prospers, we ask them to consider giving back 10% of their profits to help people in their local communities. As of January 1, 2018, we will be doing exactly what we ask of all the other small businesses that are making Internet history.

In addition, all of the individuals that own our small business have agreed to “give back” a full 50% of all financial rewards we earn from this project ... to several charitable organizations.

We hope you enjoy your experience every time you visit this website. Please encourage your family and friends and customers to do the same.